Rajah Brooke Birdwing

Rajah Brooke Birdwing

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Butterfly Research and Outings - Sept 2014

I am currently assisting Prof Yong, a veteran Zoologist from Universiti Malaya on his research of butterflies using the method of "Molecular Phylogenetics" - sound really scientific right ? In lay-person terms, this method of research uses DNA sequencing and mathematical models to study an organism hereditary relationships. It is basically to improve human understanding on the morphology classification of organism - birds, butterflies, insect included. It was based on the premise that all taxonomy classifications must be monophyletic. 

Whatever sound it may be,  i was glad to be able to contribute something to science.

Here is a "Yellow-Barred Pan" (Xanthotaenia busiris) which was caught in the net. 

(Note: although the research survey only took a day but the data analysis might take months to complete)

Here were the other butterflies seen during the research:
Dark-Grass Brown (Orsotriaena medus)

I have initially assumed this was a female Horsfield's Baron but experts including Mr SK Khew of Butterfly Singapore group confirmed that it was a female "Knight" (Lebadea malayana) instead. What a great find !

Mottled Bush-Brown (Mycalesis janardana)

There were also skippers flying around but they can be quite fast to be caught in the net.

Common Banded Demon (Notocrypta paralysos)

I think this could be a "Forest Hopper".

Yellow-Barred Pan (Xanthotaenia busiris

Here are more butterflies seen from the trip to Jelebu:

These could be another "Forest Hoppers"

Plain Lacewing

According to Dr Kirton (2014), in the highlands, this species is represented by "Red Lacewing" (Cethosia biblis).

Branded Imperial (Eooxylides tharis)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Jacintha Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina jacinta)

Eggfly butterflies are really beautiful butterflies. Its upperwings when spread, shows some bluish-white patches which appears to be glowing when seen in dark foliages.

Common Butterflies in Gardens and Parks

Here are some of the butterflies which you may find in your gardens or nearby playgrounds and parks.

Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe)

Anderson Grass Yellow (Eurema andersonii andersonii)

3 Spot Grass Yellow (Eurema blanda snelleni)

Dark-Branded Bush Brown (Mycalesis minues)

Could this be a "Mycalesis perseoides perseoides"? I believe it was also a Dark-Branded Bush Brown (Mycalesis minues)

Glassy Tiger (Parantica agleoides)

Lemon Emigrant (Catopsilia pomona)
According to Kirton (2014), "Lemon Emigrant" are migrants butterflies ! Said to occur from India and right down to "down under" (i.e Australia). Amazing phenomenon !

Stripped Albatros (Appias libythea olferna)

Chocolate Albatross - male