Wednesday 31 January 2024

Butterflies in January 2024

It's the beginning of a new year and I had a great start. Finally I got my bogey butterfly and one or two  new lifers. Weather has been windy and getting hotter by the day. Here are a few shots I have for this month.

Eyed Cyclops

(Erites medura russelli)

Cyclops has been in my wish list for a very long time. Friends have been telling me that I can find them here and there but usually I would come home empty. This one was shot at a forest reserve area in Selangor. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a Ypthima or a Bushbrown due to its light brown colour. I had a second chance to look at it when it stop briefly at almost ground level. 

Here is my lifer. 

I believe it is an Acerbas anthea anthea.

White Palmer

(Acerbas anthea anthea)

It looks like a Flat but it's not. 

I can't get any better photos due to its skittish self but I was indeed lucky that it stopped for a moment for a few shots.

Malayan Zebra

(Graphium delessertii delessertii)

Malayan Zebra

(Graphium delessertii delessertii)

So happy that it allowed me to get very close.

It was seen puddling with several other species. Here is an Eurema andersonii (Anderson's Grass Yellow) in front of it.

Here is another possible lifer if its ID is correct.

Oblique-branded Dart

(Potanthus rectifasciatus)

Striped Green Palmer

(Pirdana hyela rudolphii)

I still haven't got a nice clear photo of this species. This one was shot from a distance.

Great Saturn

(Zeuxidia aurelius aurelius)

Despite its big size, it can still manage to play hide-and-seek with me in between those vines and leaves.

Scarce Saturn

(Zeuxidia doubledayi doubledayi)

As its name suggest, it is quite scarce due to its secretive habit. But due to its size you can still spot them when they fly around.

Great Swift

(Pelopidas assamensis)

Fulvous Pied Flat 

(Pseudocoladenia dan dhyana)


Dark Hedge Blue

(Plautella cossaea pambui)

I think this could be a Norman's Oakblue

(Arhopala normani)

Sullied Sailor

(Neptis soma pendleburyi)

Moore's Wight

(Iton semamora semamora)

Moore's Wight

(Iton semamora semamora)

I think this species is not very rare but you can only see them once awhile.

Moore's Wight

Here it is - sampling the flowers of  Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata)

White-tipped Palmer 

(Lotongus calathus calathus)

This is the only my 2nd time seeing this species.

Dark Evening Brown

(Melantis phedima abdullae)

White Cerulean

(Jamides pura pura)

This looks like a male Malayan Viscount (Tanaecia pelea pelea)

                                          Common Gem                                            
         Poritia hewitsoni taleva (Corbet)          

Autumn Leaf
(Doleschallia bisaltide continentalis)

Autumn Leaf
(Doleschallia bisaltide continentalis)

Laying eggs on a Chinese Violet plant.

Finally, according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, this year would be the dragon year.

Is this a coincidence that we saw one caterpillar which has head like a dragon?

This is a caterpillar of a Polyura and hope it will bring us lots of luck this year.


Sunday 21 January 2024

Butterflies in December 2023

The month of December is usually coincide with the monsoon season over at this region. Hence less butterfly trips but I still managed to get a few lifers - thanks to the trip to FRIM on 30 December. Here are some of the photographic 'collections' for the month of December 2023.

Common Gem

(Poritia hewitsoni taleva

Dried-leaf Palmfly

(Elymnias saueri saueri)

Grey Baron

(Euthalia anosia bunaya)

Lifer of course.


(Zemeros flegyas albipunctatus)

You would hardly see this species opened its wings as wide as this.

Scarce Saturn

(Zeuxidia doubledayi)

This is an uncommon species.

Hoary Palmer

(Unkana ambasa batara)

Some say that this species is quite common but honestly I hardly see them.

Blue Pansy

(Junonia orithya wallacei)

This species is quite common in the coastal regions. Saw this male at Penaga, Penang.

                          Pointed Palmfly                                 
                (Elymnias penanga) f. hislopi                      


                              Pointed Palmfly                                 
(Elymnias penanga) f. hislopi   

Common Jester

(Symbrenthia lilaea luciana)

Side View

Common Jester

(Symbrenthia lilaea luciana)

Top View

Unmistakable ! Some season butterfly spotters can even identify this species from its shadow !!

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing

(Trogonoptera brookiana albescens)

Malay Staff Sergeant

(Athyma reta moorei)

This is a top view of a Major Oakblue it seems.

(Arhopala major major)

 One of the most recognisable Arhopala  
          Yellow-disc Tailess Oakblue               
       (Arhopala perimuta regina)            

                    Malayan Yellow-veined Lancer                                    Lesser Lancer                                       (Pyroneura latoia)                                             (Pyroneura flavia)     

Those are the three pertinent areas to look for if you wish to differentiate a Malayan Yellow-veined Lancer from other similar looking 'Lancers'.

Malayan Yellow-veined Lancer   

(Pyroneura latoia latoia)

White-banded Awl

(Hasora taminatus malayana)

Pygmy Posy / Lesser Posy

(Drupadia rufotaenia rufotaenia)

Sometimes you will get lucky shots like these ones.

Malayan Pied Blue
(Megisba malaya sikkima)

Orange Gull

(Cepora iudith malaya)

You will most likely find this in an inland forest.

Magpie Crow

(Euploea radamanthus)


A close up photo of a nice specimen

Blue-banded Jungle Glory

(Thaumantis odana pishuna)

Striped Albatross

(Appias olferna olferna)

Female laying her eggs. 

My observation: She would usually deposit her eggs every where (on all the host plants in the vicinity) and not on a particular plant. The above host plant is a Cleome rutidosperma.

Narrow Striped Faun

(Faunis gracilis)

She usually stays at ground level.

  Autumn Leaf
 (Doleschallia bisaltide pratipa)

Both are males but notice the different colours?

Yellow Grass Dart
(Taractrocera archias quinta)

Suffused Flash
(Rapala suffusa barthema)

Orange-striped Awlet
(Burara harisa consobrina)

Malayan Dartlet
(Oriens paragola)

I think this one looks like a Halpe pelethronix or perhaps a Halpe wantona
Peninsular Ace or Swinhoe Ace

Finally my year-end lifer

Tree Flitter
(Hyarotis adrastus praba)


Butterflies in January 2024

It's the beginning of a new year and I had a great start. Finally I got my bogey butterfly and one or two  new lifers. Weather has been ...